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Vacuum Break Valves DS-01AN

The valve feeds positive    pressure to the vacuum line to lower the degree of vacuum, and thereby it    forces the sucked material to be removed.
          Releasing the work promptly from the vacuum pads by feeding compressed    air into the pads only for the time set for this purpose from the moment The    suction force of the CONVUM is broken away.
           Adjustment of the time for blowing off compressed air facilitated by    the knob installed on the valve body.
           The amount of blow also adjustable.Max160/min(ANR)



Filters VF

Preventing the entry of the    water, oil and iron powder absorbed from the vacuum side into the CONVUM.
           Stable performance with less piping resistance.
           Easily Taking down and cleaning.

Straight Filters VFL

The VFL series prevents    foreign matters (dust, chips ,etc.) adhered on works and those on vacuum    lines from penetrating in the CONVUM.
         The filter can be installed and removed on and from tubes and vacuum    lines with Agone touch"operation.
         The filters can be replaced easily within a short time
         The filters are lightweight and compact without occupying large space
         Resistance inside pipinga are small, and its performance is stable.

Small Filters VFL-M5

Small-size, high-accuracy
         The filter can be less than out line 10mm onssuction pads and vacuum    divices directly.
         The VFL series prevents penetrating(dust, chips ,etc.) adhered on works    and those on vacuum lines of the CONVUM.

Details:  VF  VFL  VFL-M5
BRANCH BP SERIESIt is useful for one      convum to use some vacuum pads.                    Way of the connecting and branching port of tube are quick and one      touch, 3-way ports and 5-way ports.                                        BP-53A                    BP-55A                    BP-63                       BP-65                    BP-73                    BP-75

Convum Silencer

Useful for reduction of    exhaust noise by convum.
           Noise reduction, small size, light weight and easily installation.
           Equipped with all convum except for MCA.


Check Valve CH-01

Check valve for vacuum    line.
           Useful for keeping vacuum.
           Small and easily installation.
           Keeping vacuum condition for a long time with little air leakage.
           Less Vacuum resistance and durable for high speed switch change.


Vacuum Gauge SG-4

Pressure indicator for    vacuum line.
       It is suitable for vacuum keeping measure of convum and leakage test    of piping.


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