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Miniature Air Cylinder

Miniature cylinder has varieties of cylinder diameter (from 4.5 to 10)    and is compact
       cylynder designed to be used for broad purposes such as    gripping,inserting, stopper,
       pressing as well as clamping tools. Various connectors    (bamboo shoot shaped connectors
       and connectors which can be easily operated with a few    touches) are easy for
       installation and plumbing. Magnetic type switch is installed    on switch cylinder, which
       makes it possible to detect the motion of cylinder.



Swingner    can make various small or miniature parts (supplied seperately) stand in a    row
       on the tool called "PALLET" within a short    time and also can assemble parts. For example,
       each pallet has each type of parts only in same quantities    and on the same position as
       other pallets. By docking each pallet and transferring    each part to others, hundreds
       units of products can be assembled.


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