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Fullyear > PISCO > Vacuum Generators / Vacuum Pads
Vacuum generators - VU
Union type vacuum generators with quick fitting.
Vacuum generators - VH  / VS
Direct mountable on solenoid valve with threaded  ports.
Vacuum generators - VB
Box shaped union type vacuum generators with/without  mechanical vacuum switch: VUSM.
Vacuum generators - VC  / VM
Direct mountable on PISCO vacuum pad or pad holder.
Vacuum generators - VRL
Simple vacuum conveyor type generator.
Vacuum generators - VK  series
18 different combinations of multi-functional vacuum  generator which are also available as manifolds.
Vacuum generators - VG  series
Basic stand alone type multi-functional vacuum  generator.
Vacuum generators - VX  series
10mm width multi-functional vacuum generator is  available as a stand alone or manifold.
Vacuum generators - VZ  series
Manifold mounted 10mm width multi-functional vacuum  generator is available with modular wirings.
Vacuum generators - VJ  series
More control in vacuum release air than our VG.
Vacuum filters
Remove dust and water from vacuum line.
Air pincettes (Vacuum  tweezers)
Pen shaped vacuum generator combined with a small  vacuum pad.
Vacuum pad standard  type
General type pad suitable for thick and flat work, and  Deep type pad for sperical surface work.
Vacuum pad sponge type
Polychloroprene sponge pad is best suitable for work  with slightly rough surfaces.
Vacuum pad oval type
Small oval shaped pad is best suitable for narrow and  wide work.
Vacuum pad bellows type
Best suitable for plastic wrapped food package.
Vacuum pad  multi-bellows type
Best suitable for plastic wrapped food package.
Vacuum pad skid proof  type
Made of oil resistant NBR suitable for work pick up on  metal stamping machines.
Vacuum pad long stroke  type
Long stroke spring holder is attached.
Vacuum pad soft type
Best suitable for injected plastic products and  fragile work.
Vacuum pad soft bellows  type
Best suitable for injected plastic products and  fragile work with more flexibility.
Vacuum pad film type
Very thin lip pad is suitable for transporting thin  components such as paper and vinyl sheets.
Free holders
Attached in between vacuum pad and metal holder to  adjust angle up to 15 degree to each side.
Vacuum cylinders
Vacuum pad with cylinder and generator to  automatically pick up at contact.

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