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 Digital Pressure Sensor MPS-2/3

Every    pressure control zone is digitized irrespective of pneumatic or hydraulic    pressure.
           Easy to use
           NPN , PNP and Analog output (1-5V).
           There are three kinds of pressure cooking ranges, that    is, negative pressure, standard pressure, and compound pressure.
           Reliable CE mark.
           The current consumption is reduced thanks to energy    saving devices.


Two color expression Digital Pressure Sensor MPS-31

The    pressure change can be watched by large-scale LED and two color luminescence.
           Two button method to pursue easiness to use
           There are abundant installation variations.
           The unit switch functions are attached. (For foreign    countries):Negative,Positive,Compound Preassure
           The current consumption is reduced thanks to energy    saving devices
           Reliable CE mark


  Digital differential pressure sensor MPS-4

Detection    a slight pressure differential with accurately.
           NPN Output, PNP Output and Analog output.
           Pressure control in two kinds of ranges for    differential Pressure)


Separate Type 1CH,4CH Digital Pressure      Sensor MPS-5/6/8

Pursuing    total advantages of pressure control
           The sensor heads are separated from indicators.
           Space-Saving (10mm width) (MPS8)


Separate Pressure Sensor Display      MPS-71/74/78

The    total advantage of the pressure management is pursued.
           It is possible to adjust and maintain machines where    to be seen easily.
           4 Cannels,8 Cannel expressions are cost advantageous.
           Equipped with energy saving function and limit watch    function.
           Reliable CE mark.


  Vacuum Sensor 10 mm width MPS-9

Small-size,    high-accuracy
           easy mode function.
           High-Seed response: less than 1.5 msec
           NPN-output,PNP-output ,Analog output(1-5V)
           Hysteresis operation and keylock function.
           DIN is available.
           Pressure     Range:    Negative,,Compound
           Reliable CE mark.


  Vacuum Sensors MVS-030AB/035G

For    munting on comvum
           MVS-035G    with Analog Out put (1-5V)


  Digital Pressure    Sensors with Solenoid Valves Control MVS-201

Now    changing from verification of pressure to control of pressure.
       Integrated with Solenoid Valve Control can be mounted    on the CONVUM.
       Considerable reduction of air consumption is expected    by free setting of ultimate levels of vacuum.
       Loads on sequencers and other control can be reduced by    digital control of both negative and Positive pressure.


  Mechanical      Vacuum Switches CVA-V

Special-purpose    switch for installation on the CVA CONVUM
           The vacuum switch is designed to open and close the    micro switch through activation of the piston, and to verify that vacuum    reaches requested vacuum level


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