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 MPV3 - Multi-functional type Vacuum      Switching Valve

MPV3 is    most suitable for suction and transfer system with vacuum line and vacuum    pumps.
           Pressure sensor and break functions are installed.
           Up to eight manifolds are available.
           MVS-201, sensor with solenoid valves control can be    installed.


 MPV4 - 10mm      width Vacuum Switching

MPV4 is    10 width slim type of vacuum switching.
           MPV4 is compact (one-fourth of volume as compared with    our original MPV3 with
           3 switching valves) and light weight (54g).
           High speed suction and transfer is possible with MPV4    directly installed on
           the heads of chip mounters and test equipments.
           MPV4 is designed for sharing the same main body with    MC4 and ejector/switching
           valve can be selected on the same space.



MPV5 - Small Vacuum Switching

MPV5 is    small vacuum switching valve with 10mm    width main body.
           Tow types are available: type with the control needle    for the amount of vacuum
           break and type with atmospheric pressure induction    system installed.
           Up to ten manifolds are available and the control    needle for the amount of
           vacuum break needs to be installed respectively.
           Type with atmospheric pressure induction system makes    it possible to preserve
           even the minute work by inducting atmospheric pressure    into the side of vacuum
           sunction at one time (by releasing atmosperic pressure)    in the case of breaking
           vacuum under the condition of vacuum suction.


MPV6 - Vacuum Switching Valve for Clean Room

MPV6 can    discharge vaccum break air under the clean condition.
           Inside of main unit is installed with flter (0.01,,m).
           Vacuum switching control is with the equipment to keep    the vacuum by using double
           solenoid valve.
           Centralized exhaust specificatiions.


 CCP - Cyber Pump

Cyber    pump, rotary wing type is small, light, quiet, and compact.
           Simple system CCP can be easily installed without large    space, which contriibutes
           to save space.
           Vibration, pulsation and noise are little. Installation    on the base is possible
           without any troublesome piping work.
           Four types of cyber pumps (dfferent exhaust amount) are    available.


vte (3758 €o€C€g)

 VTE - Rotary Vacuum Pump

VTE is    small and dry running rotary wing type of vacuum pump.
           VTE is compact and can easily be built in the machine.
           Noise is very little.
           Hose connecting exit and exhaust silencer are installed.
           Motor is made in Jermany in accordance with    DIN/VDE0530.


vlt (2956 €o€C€g)

 VLT - Rotar Vacuum Pump

VLT is    dry running rotary wing type vacuum pump with paper-made suction
           filter built-in.
           Noise cover makes noise level remarkably low, enhances    cooling effect,
           and protects over-heated surface.
           VLT is designed to be flexibly connected and to be    protected from vibration.
           VLT is also designed to be easily operated, conserved    and built-in.
           Motor is made in Jermany in accordance with    DIN/VDE0530.


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