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Flotation tanks

Flotation tanks Pronal also specializes in the design and manufacture of flexible structures 

aimed at ensuring floatability, these flotation tanks are used to facilitate lifting and positioning 

of underwater loads such as raising shipwrecks, and assisting divers to move equipment on

 the seabed...

The range comprises a wide choice of models:
- Underwater parachutes and lifting units are standard products designed for use in multiple 

marine and offshore applications. When filled with air they can be used to handle loads up to 5 

- Deep sea flotation tanks can raise loads situated at a depth of up to 4,000 metres. In order to 

float they are filled with a liquid with lower density than that of seawater. This type of equipment 

was used to raise wreckage from the Titanic. 
- for special applications, specific systems are designed and modified by our engineering 

department to deal with situations where operations are hampered by particular constraints. 

Advantages : 
- easy and speed installation,
- compact when folded,
- lightweight,
- safe to use.


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