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Pronal designs and manufactures bags in elastomer and plastomer materials for different sectors of activity:

Industrial Domain (glass) :
-Flexible vacuum bags are used in the heat treatment of laminated glass:
flexible vacuum bags are used by OEMs who supply automobile windscreens to create the vacuum between 

the different layers of laminated glass. These products are mounted inside the high temperature furnace.
The development of safety glass in the building sector, and sectors other than the automotive 

sector, persuaded Pronal to develop quick-lock flexible bags

Automotive sector : 
- Inflatable bags : 

these products are generally installed as original 

equipment on vehicles for a variety of applications : back 

comfort, additive tank ... Pronal complies with the 

requirements regarding series manufacture applicable to 

car constructors and other users.

Industrial construction sector (marine, offshore, nuclear) :
- Ballast bags : 
the concrete blocks traditionally used for testing lifting methods (cranes, jib cranes¡­) can be replaced by water containers up to 35 tonnes per bag.


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