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Hydraulic compensator 
Generally mounted inside hydraulic tanks and operating with no energy source, these 

products compensate the variations in volume of oil or any other fluid caused by changes 

in temperature or volume, whilst avoiding all risk of accident for the equipment.

PRONAL compensators also ensure that tanks are completely leakproof and protect any 

hydraulic fluids from external pollution by means of a totally flexible membrane which isolates 

them from the ambient environment. They can also act as hydraulic dampers.

Advantages : 
- suitable for all types of hydraulic circuit,
- prevents air emulsifying in the oil,
- leakproof hydraulic circuits,
- pressurisation of the tanks,
- maintenance-free and very long service life

highly diversified range of products : 
- capacities vary between 0.1 and 10,000 litres,
- standard and customized range with a wide choice of solutions offering hydraulic protection.


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