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Gas traction        springs 
Function:The        basic position of gas traction springs is with inserted piston rod. We        differ between short (standard) and long construction types. The speed of        standard gas traction springs with short construction is fast and cannot        be influenced. The gas traction spring with long construction is        available with and without damping. The speed can be varied by using        different nozzles.
What is possible:Short type:

   Pull-in force:100-4000 N          (depends on diameter piston rod/cylinder)  Stroke:10-600          mm  Diameter                  cylinder/piston  rod:8/22,          10/28 and 14/40  Speed/             damping:The speed of gas          traction spring with short construction is always fast and cannot be          damped. A valve (undamped) is possible for this Type.  Connecting  parts:You can find the right "connection" for your gas  spring here.
   Long type:

   Pull-in force:50-2500 N          (depends on diameter piston rod/cylinder)  Stroke:10-200          mm  Diameter                  cylinder/piston  rod:6/19,          8/22, 10/28 and 14/40  Speed/             damping:Our gas springs          are available with fast normal and slow extension speed. Regarding the          damping, you can choose between normal, increased and no end damping,          however, this becomes only efficient if the gas spring is mountedwith the piston rod showing downwards.  Connecting  parts:You can find the right "connection" for your gas  spring here.

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