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Function:Lockable gas springs can be locked anywhere  along the complete stroke. By pushing the release pin, the piston valve opens  allowing gas or oil to flow through the piston and the piston rod extends or can be pushed in. When the release pin is no longer being  pushed, the valve closes independently and the piston rod is locked in the  desired position. When locked, depending on the type of construction, extension force and the direction of the  movement, various locking forces can be achieved. When the locking force is  exceeded, the locking function in no longer given.
What is possible:   Force:0-2600 N  Stroke:10-800 mm  Diameter            cylinder/piston  rod:8/22 - 14/40  Model:                  Main  type B          spring locking                   Main  type K             Rigid locking in pull direction, push-in direction relatively rigid                   Main  type P          Rigid  locking in push-in direction, pull-out direction relatively rigid                  Main  type KXRigid locking in push and pull direction  Connecting  parts:The piston rod is available with thread  MF10x1x18, MF14x1,5x20 or with MF8x1x16. You can find the suitable cylinder  connecting parts for your lockable gas springs here.

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