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Elbe - Drive Shafts

Details:All data of Elbe/Elso

Cardan Drive-Shafts
up to MdLim 35.000 Nm

Universal Joint Drive-Shafts and U-Joints,
Universal Joint Drive-Shafts, SAE, Wing-Style

Angle of deflection up to max. 35°,
Flange or Hub Connection,
Torque range up to max. 35.000 Nm

Double Drive-Shafts
up to MdMax 16.900 NmUniversal Joint Drive-Shafts, double, for Steering Axles

Angle of deflection up to max. 55°,
Hub Version 
Torque range up to max. 16.900 Nm

up to MdMax 1.370 Nm
Precision Cardan Shafts, -Double Joints, -Cardan Joints 
Pin and Block Cardan Shafts, -Joints double, -Joints single 
Ball and Socket Cardan Shafts, -Joints double, -Joints single

Angle of deflection up to max. 45°,
Torque range up to max. 1.370 Nm


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