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HP Pattern Spool Valves   

  • HP03 pattern valves rated for 15 U.S. gpm at 10 000 psi (57 L/min at 700 bar)

  • HP05 pattern valves rated from 5 to 25 U.S. gpm at 8000 psi (19 to 95 L/min at 560 bar)

  • Simple spool valves eliminate complex valve circuits for four-way control in high pressure systems 

  • Full range of actuators, spools and electrical options

N.F.P.A./ISO Pattern Valves

  • 5000 psi (350 bar) valves with models rated to 165 U.S. gpm (625 L/min)

  • Low pressure drop with large internal flow passages

  • Smooth spool movement with four-land design

  • Full range of actuators, spools and electrical options


VST Series Seated Valves  

  • High pressure with low leakage

  • Reliable shifting with non-silting ball-on-seat design

  • Two position, two-way valves, rated for 1 U.S. gpm at 15 000 psi (3,8 L/min at 1040 bar), for low flow venting functions

  • Two position, three-way valves, rated for 5 U.S. gpm at 10 000 psi (19 L/min at 700 bar), for load holding functions


Explosion Proof Option

  • Solenoids with special enclosures are designed for use in hazardous locations

  • Approved by UL and CSA

  • UL Classification: Class I, Group C,D; Class II, Group E,F,G

  • Available as an option on NFPA/ISO pattern valves, HP Series and VST Series directional valves.


Accessory Sandwich Valves 

  • Sandwich valves, which mount under directional valves, save space, reduce weight and provide flexibility in locating valves

  • Standard pressure valves, rated for 3000 psi (210 bar), mount on N.F.P.A. D03 and D05 (ISO 03 and 05) patterns and D05H size valves

  • High pressure VSW Series, with HP03 mounting interface, are rated for 10 000 psi (700 bar)

  • VSW Series, with HP05 mounting interface, are rated for 8000 psi (560 bar)

  • Functions include flow control, relief, pressure reducing, counterbalance, decompression, and check valves


S SeriesVSW Series - HP03

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VSW Series - HP05D03 PatternD05 Pattern
D05H PatternD08 PatternD08H Pattern
HP03 PatternHP05 PatternVST Series
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