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Wound Filter Cartridges

Penguin wound filter cartridges provide true depth filtration and are available in a wide selection of media and cores, including pre-leached fibrillated polypropylene, to ensure temperature and chemical
Filter Sleeves

Penguin filter sleeves are an alternative to standard wound filter cartridges. The Series PS filter sleeves are economical, reusable, and efficient when placed over its one-time purchased polypropylene core and caps. These sleeves can be precoated and backwashed several times
Carbon Filter Cartridges

Penguin carbon filter cartridges are a one-step carbon and filtration treatment. These Series PC carbon cartridges eliminate the problems associated with loose carbon treatment and the need for a separate filtration system. The standard cartridge measures 2 3/4" O.D. with lengths varying from 4" to 40" and flow rates up to 2 1/2 gpm. These Series PC
Pleated Filter Cartridges

Penguin pleated filter cartridges are an alternative to string wound or spun molded filters. These Series PP pleated cartridges are economical, multi-use, premium quality products that are available in various micron ratings ranging from 50 micron nominal down to .10 micron absolute. End cap configurations include D.O.E. (double open end, flat gasket) and S.O.E. (single open end, external double 222 0-ring/button end cap). Filter medias

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