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+ system components
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Series VPG and VSAG

-   Extra-flat suction cups VPG : 120 to 200 mm

      - 1,5 bellows type suction cups VSAG : 110 to 150 mm
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Heavy load suction cups series SPL
This range of suction cups has internal stops. They are recommended for the handling of glass and fine metal sheets.
240 to 600 mm
      - 1,5 bellows type suction cups VSAG : 110 to 150 mm
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Oblong suction cups series VPO
This range of suction cups has internal stops. It is recommended for the handling of glass, of fine metal sheets and all long deformable products. 
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Steel suction cups
"demountable seal" Serie VA 250 to 360 mm
"glued seal" 150 to 580 mm

For horizontal handlings of heavy loads or parts which surface is structured as concrete slabs, wood... 
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Spring systems
Series TS3, TS4, TS5
Compensated spring systems, series TS, are recommended for the horizontal handling of parts at different levels.
The spring function also ensures that the gripping points are applied on the same plane during the gripping by multiple suction cups. 
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Compensated 4-spring systems series RSC1 - RSC2
The compensated four-spring system is especially recommended for horizontal handling operations requiring large diameter suction cups. 
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Axial ball joint and Extensions series L
Axial ball joint series IMUKGL - IMU
Extensions series L
Ball joints in series IMU and IMUKGL are recommended for the gripping of dished products or rotating products. 
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Electric Vane Pump
  1. Dry Vane Pump
    Flow : 6 to 100 m3/h.

  2. Lubrificated Vane Pump

  3. Flow : 16 to 200 m3/h.

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Pneumatic vacuum units
Series VAC 00 P, VAC 00 P 12-16
Creation of a negative pressure by a vacuum generator such as an ejector or a venturi. 
The air saving function cuts the compressed air supply if the vacuum rate in the reserve is high enough.
We save air from 30% to 80% according to the gripping time. 
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Electric vacuum units
-serie VAC 00 E, flow : 6 to 60 m3/h 
-serie VAC 00 E L (lubrificated vacuum unit)
flow : 16 to 65 m3/h
- Lifting eyes, Handlebar (for 6m3/h unit) 
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Vacuum gauge, filter and valves
Vacuum gauge series VAF 111
Vacuum filter series FVI, FVUM and FVUG
Vacuum valves series AG : flow 4 to 90m3/h
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Foam strips and Accessories 
- Nitrile foam strip, Silicone foam strip, Natural rubber foam strip
- Accessories COUPLINGS series RVM, RVF and RVT.
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