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Vacuum pen, series STV
The vacuum pen in series STV allows handling, mounting or assembly with high precizsion and meticulous care most fragile objects like surface mounted devices, titanium plates, lenses...gamme composants
Vacuum valve, series AG

The Vacuum valve in series AG features a shut-off valve technology in 3/2 supplied servo by vacuum or pressure.

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Air curtain, series RDA 150

High-impact jet to dry products or inks, to cool and to clean.

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Vacuum gauge, series VAF

The gauges in series VAF 111 are recommended for the creation of a vacuum level for maintenance, checking and adjustment.

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Vacuum regulator, series REV 38

Connected up to a vacuum pump or a venturi, the REV series vacuum regulator ensures an accurate and stable vacuum in a system.

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Dual hollow rod cylinder, series FDPM

The dual hollow rod type ram in series FDPM is ideal for "gripping release" applications.
The dual hollow rod allows routing of the vacuum, simplifies wiring and avoids the need for any connection or pipes, etc..., on the gripping station.

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Angular jaw type clamps, series PA
Angular jaw type clamps in series PA are widely used in robotics and plastic technology.
In a more general context, they are used on all types of manipulator.
They are especially recommended for injection moulding press unloading robots for parts or sprues.
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